Oxford Lieder Festival 2014: Welcome and Parting

(photo: http://schubert.oxfordlieder.co.uk)

The premiere of Anna's new Lied "Welcome and Parting," a setting of a poem by Stephanie Yorke, will happen TODAY at 13:10 at the Holywell Music Room in Oxford.  The performance is part of the Oxford Lieder Festival and is presented in association with the University of Oxford Faculty of Music.  Here's what the Festival's website had to say:

"Six of Schubert’s great settings of Goethe are translated into English by young poets and set to music by emerging composers, as part of the University’s research programme, ‘Comparative Criticism & Translation’. Schubert’s settings are heard alongside, as well as a other popular Schubert songs including The Schubert Project's only performance of the hair-raising 'Erlkönig'. An unmissable concert that links the past and the future."  (http://www.oxfordlieder.co.uk/events/1248)

We'd love to see you there!  Click here for tickets and more information!  You can also find out more on Facebook or Twitter (#TheSchubertProject).