Make an Aria with Music Theatre Wales

Anna has been accepted into the Make an Aria program with Music Theatre Wales!  This program pairs a composer with a writer, who then work together as a team to create a new aria with support and guidance from Music Theatre Wales.

Anna will be working with Canadian poet Stephanie Yorke over the next few months.  Their aria will be part of a masterclass with composer Judith Weir, and will be performed in Oxford in February 2014.


Cantata Eliensis Workshop Complete!

THANK YOU to all of the wonderful musicians and audience members who made Saturday's workshop and performance of Cantata Eliensis a success!  It was a long day of rehearsal, and I was in awe of the amount of work and dedication everyone put into our project.  The singers and instrumentalists gave gorgeous performances, and I am so grateful to conductor Toby Young and répétiteur Joseph Currie.  Thanks especially to our fantastic audience — we couldn't have done this without you!

Photos and sound clips will be added to the website soon.  The next step is to prepare the piece for a full performance at Ely in 2015.  Please contact Cantata Dramatica if you'd like to be involved in this process in some way!